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Solomia (real name - Olena Karpenko) is a singer, songwriter, composer, poet and host. She writes and performs music in various styles, such as jazz, blues, rock and world. Solomias voice enchanted monarchs, presidents and top-diplomats of the world. Fascinating timbre, deep lyrics and stylish piano arrangements create a unique exquisite atmosphere, worth of the most demanding and sophisticated public.

Nota Bene
When Ukraine celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Independence Solomia, being invited by the Head of the European Council, performed a solo concert in Strasbourg (2011).
In 2015 Solomia performed "Oranta" during the New York Fashion Week. It was a signature composition of the Ukrainian show.
"Mermaid" was featured in the documentary Mother's Heart. Gongadze" (directed by S.Bihun, 2015).
"Funambulist" was one of the face songs of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (2004).
"Make Your Step!" became an anthem of the Kyiv beauty contest (1998).
Olena Karpenko is a member of the National union of writers (2013) and of the National union of journalists of Ukraine (2014).
Solomia composes in Ukrainian, English and Russian.
She performs both in Ukraine and abroad.

In 2007 Solomia won Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards World Song Contest (Canada) in the nomination Best International Adult Contemporary Female Artist. At the same competition her song "I Realize" was nominated in for the Best International Adult Contemporary Song.
Solomia received four Honorary Mentions of the Billboard World Song Contest (USA) for songs "I Realize" (2007), "My Love!" (2007), "Not Perfect" (2009) and "Inner Voice" (2009).
In 2007 she got to the finals of Song of the Year International Songwriting Competition (USA) and won the Pan-Ukrainian "Shevchenko-Fest" (Ukraine).
In 2009 she was a semi-finalist of the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.
In 1996 she became a laureate of Ukrainian vocal competition "Your Talents, Ukraine" and "Sweet-singing Nightingale" Festival (Bulgaria).

Solo albums:

  • Solomia (2007),
  • Rondo (2011),
  • Birthday (2011) (original title - "День народження").

Songs, featured in international CD compilations:

  • Funambulist ("Young Stars Of Ukraine", 2005) / original title - "Канатоходець", ("Молоді зірочки України", 2005);
  • My Alphabet ("Just Talents", USA, 2007);
  • I Realize ("Positive Music", USA, 2007).


  • Touch, 1998 (original title - "Прикосновение") - book of poetry;
  • Necklace, 2005 (original title - "Намисто") - book of poetry;
  • Dialogues With Silence, 2014 (original title - "Діалоги з тишею") - book of poetry;
  • Grecian Horses Of TV Advertisement. Language Manipulations, 2007 (original title - "Троянські коні телереклами. Мовні маніпуляції") - scientific work on mind manipulation in language;
  • Angel’s Schoolbook (original title - "Учебник ангела ") - fantasy novel.

Publications in anthologies and almanacs of poetry:

  • 100 Young Poets Of Ukraine (2006);
  • Creative Forces of Ukraine + (2011);
  • New Ukrainian Poetry (in Bulgarian translation, 2012);
  • Terra Poetica (in English translation, 2014).

Personal musical projects:

  • Solomia - solo acoustic project (since 2005);
  • ARATTA - international rock band (since 2009);
  • Radio For Kids - songs for children in Ukrainian (since 2010);
  • Angel’s Schoolbook - American-Ukrainian jazz project (since 2012).

Participation in international projects
Album recording at the studio of Ivan Moreno Arietta, who is a honoree of the "Best Producer of Mexico" title, Grammy and MTV Awards (Mexico, 2010). The concert project, held together with Sedat Yüce, - the singer who was a Turkish participant on the Eurovision Song Contest (Turkey, 2007). A jury member of the "Word Crowning" International literature contest (2015). Songwriter and performer of the Ukrainian fashion show, which was held during the New York Fashion Week (2015).

Humanitarian faculty of the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", BA (1998-2002); Master Program of Journalism of the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", MA (2002-2005); Vocal Faculty of the National Music Academy of Ukraine (classes of G.Sukhorukova and L.Garmash, 2003-2007).